JAMES BRAXTON As seen on BBC's Bargain Hunt and Flog It

Sunday, May 09, 2004
3 hours to anywhere

Be it Harrogate, Newcastle (by train) Exeter or Cardiff they are all 3 hours away. Two weeks ago I was in Cardiff home of the Millienimum stadium, It was the hardest Challenge to date, Portebello Road in London was a breeze compared to finding an antique/bargain at Cardiff's the Pumping Station and Jacobs Antique Centre. My fellow expert Kevin Jackson and I were partners in a themed "Guys and Dolls" programme, with amateur dramatics contestants. My director, the lovely Liz, who knows I can't sing, having filmed my cover version of 10cc's "I'm not in Love" at Kedleston last year. "But when you see a John waiting in the rain you know its for a doll", and when James wears a dogtooth jacket you know its for the Beeb!

Jacob's Antique Centre saw some action, as whilst filming the centre saw some unwelcomed attention from 3 likely lads keen to clear the basement, but were rather knievely unaware that the Welsh police force were on full strength, as Prince William was attending a match at the Millienimum stadium, only some 200 metres away, suddenly the centre was surrounded by 50 officiers and their bullet proof jackets. To the credit of the director she shouted at the researcher to keep the police there, but even the Beeb has its limits!
So purchases were made with a frisson of risk, much in the spirit of Guys and Dolls, I hope the same thrill remains for the auction, we have a pipe, landscape mirror and Art Nouveau vase, only some £350, is there a profit, only you can decide.
Screamed home for Sunday, after my sons Scottish reeling party, a great success as "Stripping the Willow" allows every boy and every girl a swing with all.