JAMES BRAXTON As seen on BBC's Bargain Hunt and Flog It

Thursday, June 05, 2003
Bend it like Beckham
Bank holiday weather gave us an excuse to watch 2 great films. Mrs Doubtfire, with Robin Williams, Sally Field and Pierce Brosnan. Who were all meshed in a fabulous charade at Bridges restaurant, opening with 'Oh no dear, this medication can't be taken orally,' and closing with the hapless Pierce Brosnan being humped/jerked clear a hot cayenne peppered prawn from his airway.
To have sat and watched another film immediately, would have been too much, so went rollerblading. Itis is part of, my not so strict, diet regime. I wanted to exercise , and both learn a skill. As a child I went to Brighton ice rink,and as my children rollerblade with effortless grace, it seemed an obvious choice. Returned fro the Park Farm skate park at 8.30pm to watch 'Bend it like Beckham'. The producers maybe flattered as it's the 1st film we have paid for on Sky box office, and worth every penny. Dear readers, in Hounslow parlance, 'Laters'

The importance of dates
As you get older time accelerates. I have been in the Antique Auction business for 20 years, 2 decades. I can't tell you how I regret not adding a year to a catalogue date, was it, 1983 or 1993. I'm fast approaching my 40th birthday, 1st August, only a Leo would announce the fact.

I've had a strange day, catching up on paperwork, chasing clients visited, appraising new goods, and praising staff done well. Ended the day with a good job, all be it in a secretarial role, and not a million miles from home. Its lovely to see a protege in action, closing chapter 1, of a deal that may run to the full 10 chapters. Look up Tony, and end the day on a high, only to be broken by an ill-judged telephone call. Business is based on trust, without the later, there is nothing!

Wednesday, June 04, 2003
Jesus is coming, look busy
After returning from Dublin on Monday evening, it was back to Gatwick airport on Friday for a flight to Edinburgh. There is a world of difference between British Airways and Ryanair, easy when you aren't paying. The flight got off to a good start when the air hostess proffered her small tray for my teacup, I declined, it was 7pm on a Friday night, a beer and a white wine, please. My mood was infectious, Thomas followed with a Bloody Mary, and the Lawyer beside us a vodka and tonic. He was returning to Edinburgh to sober-up after a conference in Brighton. Arrived at the Quality Hotel, a short walk from both the runway and the National showground, the venue for the Antiques fair. I am always deeply suspicious of prefix that attempts to communicate a perception of a hotel, rather like the dodgy character who starts every statement with 'honest', they invariably aren't.We had a great 2 days at the fair, trying out Anwar's 'date-or-ditch', surely it is unhealthy for a man to watch too much Blind Date. It's tentacles have reached the jewel of daytime, and my team where offered the opportunity of ditching 1 of their 3 items in favour of my mystery item. I feel flattered they ditched theirs in favour of mine, being a Liberty's Tudric pewter table cigarette box, bought for a bargain £25. The auction will be this Saturday 7th June @ Great Western Auctions, Glasgow, will my name be mud or gold?

So, why 'Jesus is coming look busy'? Well, by the following weekend, after working 17 days on the trot, we went to see Johnny English starring Rowan Atkinson. I laughed from start to finish and this immortal line was tattooed on the cloned Archbishop's bottom!