JAMES BRAXTON As seen on BBC's Bargain Hunt and Flog It

Thursday, May 08, 2003
The Stiletto in the Ghetto
Left the Clontarf Castle Hotel for Dublin's new landmark, 120 metres of stainless steel. Introduced to Tony, Michael, Fergal and Peter, all bus drivers with Dublins City Tours. My team, the reds, are Fergal and Peter. Fergal, a superfit sportsman, and Peter the ladies man, spend a rainy morning lapping Panel Square, whilst filming the introductions, as we move off Tony announces 'Hold the pole' which reminds me of the great 'Not the Nine o'clock News' sketch of Leach Weltsa, being honored by the American government.

David in the light coloured mac, with Peter to his left then Fergal and 'The dapper James Braxton' on the end

After lapping Parnel Square, a good 20 times, we cross Dublin for Francis St. This is Dublin's home of antiques, centred on the excellent Gaelic Kitchen. Adam and I join Phillip, The Woodman, and Nigel, Bob to antique stall holders, at Powers Court House, a Palladian architectural gem townhouse, now redeveloped as a shopping centre and home to a very good smoked salmon bagel. Back to Francis St. where we buy a silver hip flask by Sampson Morden & Co. Sampson Morden & Co. made luxury goods, much like today's Tiffany. The hip flask has a glass body and a sleeve cup, that fits snugly to its lower portions. Our 2nd item is a heavy silver table cigarette box. We spend E180, I am pleased to say my laptop doesn't have a Euro key, approximately £125, so, the flask costing £105 , and the cigarette box £20. After 30 minutes we are in a strong position, having bought quality and design, at low prices, a magic combo!

Off to the Brazen Head, Dublin's oldest pub, for 'a pint'! Three pints later, Adam and I slip away from our contestants and return to the Clontarf Castle Hotel. Our home for the next 3 nights. Its glass atrium foyer is a mixture of MacDonalds and Harry Potter's Hogwarts.

Monday, May 05, 2003
From Bristol to Dublin, via St Pauls
Finally signed the documents at 8pm, a mere 8 hours later than expected. My fellow directors have brought a great addition to the group. We celebrated the acquisition at Lords restaurant in Corn Street. Our table stood in an oak paneled room within this vaulted restaurant, the impressive interior was a prelude to equally impressive food & wine. Decided the night was young and made for Vodka Revolution, but regrettably we arrived after the revolution, as the place was empty. Decided to go over the road to the Fez Club, a student only night presented an irresistible challenge, managed to pass ourselves off as post graduates, added by the fact that one of the bouncers recognized me as an antique on the telly. Last port of call, and this was not for the faint-hearted, was Tasties. A slice of the Caribbean in St Paul, the feel was extended by Dad's cabs, playing Beanie Man, a mixture of the Kumars and Bob Marley.

My plane leaves for Dublin at 5.30pm for 4 days of filming with Bargain Hunt prime time. This will be the longest block of filming I have been asked to do. My 1st Bargain Hunt, in May 2001, was with Michael Hogben in Paris, France. We travelled by coach, arrived at 6pm, up at 5am for the Fair's opening at 8am, and travelled back the same day, Paris in 1 day, Dublin in 4, that's progress.