JAMES BRAXTON As seen on BBC's Bargain Hunt and Flog It

Sunday, April 27, 2003
Well you're a pro already
Easter Monday found me at Tunbridge Wells at the ungodly hour of 8am, on weekends I normally levee at 11am. Justin and I were loading the van with antiques to fill a tent at the Southdown and Eridge Hunt point to point. In the same tent we had both a competition and a display of goodies for our next round of auctions in May. The point to point was held at Godstone on the A22, 5 minutes South of the M25, We made record time in the ubiquitous Ford Transit luton, not another luton, hard to avoid in the antiques business.

Created a Bedouin tableaux of carpets and antiques including a George II chair in the manner of William Kent circa 1740 valued at £8,000-12,000. I'm lost as a hetrosexual auctioneer, I should e flouncing around creating tableauxs in agricultural tents. Decided to introduce a competive element into the day, a bottle of champagne to the person who persuaded the greateer number of people to fill in a copetition form. As soon as somebody ventuered more than 1 metre into the tent there was an unseeemly scramble to to initial and thrust a form in their hands. My killer line was Have you ever watched The Antiques Roadshow? Yes, well you're a pro already

Had a good day, wrote over 80 copetition entries, a good red and white wine certainly helped. I presented the 6th race prize, The Troy Plate, to the winning owner and Jockey.