JAMES BRAXTON As seen on BBC's Bargain Hunt and Flog It

Saturday, April 19, 2003
As the sun set behind a luton van
Tuesday shouldn't have been a full day. I should have been home by 7.30pm, but I was lured by great company, Chablis and a kebab. White Burgundies aren't natural bedfellows of takeaway kebabs , but after a number of glasses of Chablis the notion of a chicken kebab seems irresistible.

My day started, as normal, endeavoring to finish jobs I had started yesterday. I left Eastbourne bound for Tunbridge Wells, after cataloguing silver. On my way I called in on an antiques dealer to compare a longcase clock, similar to my own in the hope of putting both in the May auction. Both longcase clocks are circa 1765, made in the Lancaster area. Hopefully together they will lure buyers from far and wide. Also, whilst on the road, I arranged flowers for one of our longstanding clients, she was 87 today.

I arrived at Rupert and Jo's, and found them sitting outside their store surrounded by wine coolers and offertory bowls, bearing wine and crisps. We chatted, teased and drank, with Rick, another fellow house clearer, as the sun dipped behind the luton van.