JAMES BRAXTON As seen on BBC's Bargain Hunt and Flog It

Sunday, April 13, 2003
Sunday's the last day
The 4th and last day of valuations looms. Most Sundays, I find it difficult enough to get out of bed before the church bells start peeling @ 10.30am. This Sunday finds me up @ 8.30am centrifuging a poached egg. After 2 valuation days promoting new build apartments, its good to be heading for a 14th Century castle.Herstmonceux castle, stands on the head of Pevensey marshes, North of Eastbourne, and I find it bathed in spring sunshine.
This moated castle lay derelict from the 1700's until it was rescued in the late 19th Century. I, and my 2 colleagues had a coffee in the cloistered walk. I love historic spaces away from the bedlam of todays fast & furious pace. The best item shown was a pair of inkwells which were in fact a pair of silvered collared glass match strikes. These globe bodied match strikes look great with red-headed Swan Vesta matches in them. I made the owners day with a sale estimate of £200. The cue dwindled by noon and I was off to rejoin my family for what was left of the weekend.

Saturday, April 12, 2003
What is PR?
My public relations are talks. This Wednesday I spoke to "Inner Wheel" a nationwide sister group to Rotary. Approx 220 members and their guests came to hear me speak on items they had brought. The items included a late 17th Century spoon, with a value of £1,500, which I compared to a Dublin gravy spoon circa 1780, with a lesser value of £300.

Talking of Dublin, my Bargain Hunt trip to Dublin in May has been confirmed. I will have posted my 3rd catalogue by this date for the year, and a break will be good. I have spent the last 2 afternoons providing a catalyst for flat sales. The flats, sorry, apartments, are very good, with reasonable ceiling heights and the almost absence of ugly radiators due to the amazing insulation properties of modern building materials. We sit at home watching television wrapped in rugs, rather like members of the Royal family in a Bentley. I remain 15 stone 5 lbs, I really want to break the 15 stone barrier soon.